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Germany Patents PDF Downloader Trial 1.5

A program that downloads PDF documents of any requested German patent
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Germany Patents PDF Downloader is a program that downloads PDF documents of any requested German patent. The German Patents Office stores the information about every patent that was granted in Germany. This information can be very important for people that need to know the details of any patented product. You just need to input the exact patent number - the program then contacts the author´s server, and then downloads the PDF document containing the information from the requested patent, to any folder you've previously specified.

The program allows you to enter a list of patents to download, one per line. It is possible to define a proxy server, if your Internet connection uses one, to speed up the downloading process. The Germany Patents Downloader will report if it has found any PDF document for each provided patent number; and when it's done downloading, it will open the folder where you have chosen to save the downloaded PDF files. You can then open these documents with any PDF Reader, e.g. Acrobat Reader.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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